let's get the facts straight.




What is IOTA?

IOTA is a magazine that publishes new words, pictures and ideas. Three issues a year, each one printed on crisp paper and sent straight to your letterbox.

Each issue, we’ll gather together the best new, bold, original writing out there: short stories, poems, essays, articles and things we can’t quite describe.

We hope that IOTA is something you’ll want to read and keep, misplace under a pile of books, then rediscover at a later date, dust off and read again.


Aren’t magazines expensive?

We believe that reading shouldn’t break the bank and so each issue of IOTA is only £6.50 (and the postage is on us). If that’s too much, just get in touch and we’ll make sure to get a copy to your local library.


Did someone mention a party?

The release of each issue will be accompanied by a launch event. Entrance is free and the conversation is good so make sure to join us. 


Who is this 'we' you keep talking about?

IOTA is run by a small group of writers, artists, makers and publishers who share a taste in fonts and a fondness for good paper. Together we source, read, edit and design the magazine. Our contributors come from all over the place and we couldn’t do without them.


Didn’t you used to be a poetry journal?

You might remember us from a former life when we were indeed a poetry journal. It was time for a change and so we’ve decided to relaunch IOTA. Same name, new everything else.


Can I write for you?

Our submissions process is open and inclusive. Click here for more details.


Can I work with you?

If you have something to share or if you want to collaborate with us, send us a message.


Can I stock your magazine?

We’d love you to. Get in touch