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Iota has changed course. Take the journey. And please do not read the default dictionary de nition of The Outsider. It’s a deliberate decoy.

Appearing in this issue in no particular order: A ghost writer relishing the job. A guest appearance by Somerset Maugham. Poems - here and there. A review of a breeze block anthology suitable for use in imminent marches and protests: a source of solace/inspiration/despair and a handy guide and hipster accessory for polemicists and the like. A note on Shelagh Delaney. A map of Salford or part of it. An allegorical visit to the city. An encounter with Vita Sackville West.

Football is never far away from our cultural periscope or media visibility so there is a bit of that too. Balanced with protest and art.

Travel - always in vogue. A couple of pieces in and around that segment of culture. But they’re not any version of the Grand Tour. More re ective. There is more than one visit to a canal. For poise and overall balance – a spot of ballet.

There are also references to The Waste Land, Ulysses, The

Dubliners and The Stone Roses.

Some suggestions for further reading. 



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